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Films & Shows I wanna own

Gotta have 'em all!

Collectors edition, steelbooks, 24-DVD pack... It doesn't matter, i'd love to have these films and shows!

Music I shall collect

CDs from many artists

So many good albums are not in my possesion... That's just sad. I mean why wouldn't I want to have every single Blind Guardian album on my shelf?

Role-playing stuff I desire

Books, figures & motherfucking dices

Lots of dice and some campain books too, with a sprinkle of figures and maps, but let's face it, it's mostly dice.

Books & Novels I want

"classic" & light novels as well as comics

This are some of the books I want in my collection, some are individual books and some are part of a series, but all of them shall be mine one day.

Cool Bottles I might drink

Alcohol, sodas, etc...

Drinks in cool bottles, hopefully they're tasty, but i'll keep the bottle even if they're not. 'Cause they look sick AF